USMLE Step2 CS:臓器症候別の暗記すべき質問集〜その②






  • Do you feel sad?
  • Tell me about your sleep schedule. Do you wake up early in the morning (early-morning awakening)?
  • How is your level of interest (Loss of Interest/anhedonia)?
  • Do you feel guilty about your symptoms?
  • Do you feel tired easily (Loss of Energy/fatigue)? During what time of the day do you feel tired?
  • How is your concentration (Concentration loss/impaired concentration)? How is your performance on your job?
  • How is your appetite (anorexia)?
  • Have you thought about hurting yourself (Suicide ideation/commit suicide)?
  • When was the last baby?


  • Are you worrying or more nervous than usual?
  • What are you worrying about (ex. humiliation, public speaking, social situation)?
  • Do you have any symptom (ex. shortness of breath, hyperventilation, palpitations, tremors, sweating, psychological irritability)?


  • Do you feel tired (Fatigue)?
  • Do you have palpitations/dizziness/shortness of breath?
  • Are your periods heavy/light/medium?(heavy menstrual flow)
  • Do you have constipation/cold intolerance/leg cramps??


  • Do you still have period?
  • When was your last menstrual period?
  • Do you have any hot flashes/mood swings(emotional liability)?
  • Do you have palpitations/dizziness/shortness of breath/night sweats?
  • Do you have any sleep problems?
  • When did your mother begin menopause?
  • Did you notice any vaginal dryness (dyspareunia)?
  • Do you have any pain during sexual intercourse?


  • Do you feel tired (fatigue)?
  • Do you have fever/chills/night sweats/rash?
  • Do you have lumps/swollen gland? Where in your body (lymphadenopathy)?
  • Did you lose your weight (weight loss)?
  • How is your appetite?
  • Were you in contact with a sick person?
  • Have you traveled outside the country?
  • When is the last time you had PPD test (TB test)? Have you ever had PPD test?

Collagen diseaseを疑ったら

  • Do you have fever/hair loss (alopecia)/oral or genital ulcer?
  • Do you have rash? Is that worse with sunlight (photosensitivity)?
  • Do you have any joint problem? Is there any redness/swelling/warmth/pain(arthralgia)/stiffness?
  • Does cold temperature cause any problems with your fingers (Raynaud)?


  • Is there any redness/swelling/warmth/pain (arthralgia)/stiffness in your joint?
  • During what time of the day do you have the stiffness? How long does it last?
  • Do you have any pain in other joints / anywhere else in your body?

Domestic violenceだと思ったら

  • Do you feel safe at home?
  • Do you feel safe in your relationship
  • Are there any conflicts with your partner?
  • Is there anyone treating you bad?
  • Do you think you are (physically or emotionally hurt or) abused by anybody?
  • Do you have any children?
  • Does your husband abuse your children?
  • Do you feel afraid in this relationship?
  • Are your friends and family aware? Would they support you?
  • Do you have a safe place to go in an emergency?

Sexual assaultのケースでは

Event (general):

  • Please tell me what happened? How can you describe the event?
  • When did that happen?
  • Where did that happen?
  • Do you know the people?
  • Did you report it to the police?

Event (sexual):

  • Was there sexualintercourse/assault?
  • What type of sexual intercourse was it (oral, vaginal, anal)?
  • Did the ejaculation happen? Did they use condom?
  • Do you have stomachache/nausea/vomiting [for pregnancy]?


  • Do you use any contraception?
  • When was the last menstrual period?
  • Did you drink at the time?
  • Were you under the influence of any substances at that time?

Other assault: 

  • Were you beaten on anywhere else in your body?
  • Do you have any other pain?
  • Do you have bruise or bleeding?

Medical Follow-upの症例なら



  • When were you diagnosed with XX?
  • What symptoms did you have at the time of diagnosis?


  • What treatment do you receive?
  • Are you compliant with your medication?
  • Are you having any side effect of your medication?


  • Do you monitor your (blood sugar) regularly (at home)?
  • What’s the highest/lowest reading?
  • When was the last time you check your BP/HbA1c?
  • What was the number?


  • Retinopathy: Do you see eye doctor? When was the last eye checkup? Was it normal? Do you have any change in your vision?
  • Neuropathy: Do you have numbness/tingling/foot ulcer? Do you see foot doctor?
  • Hypoglycemia: Did you have dizziness/sweating/palpitation? Have you fainted?
  • Gastroparalysis: Do you have digestive symptoms? Do you have nausea/vomit/change in bowel habit/change in appetite?
  • ED: Do you have any concern about sexual function (trouble in achieving an erection)?


  • Stroke
  • Eye: Do you have blurred vision?
  • Orthostatic hypotension: Do you have dizziness when you stand up?
  • IHD
  • Kidney: Tell me about your urine habit.
  • Intestine (bowel movement),
  • ED (erectile dysfunction),
  • Vascular: Do you have any leg or buttock pain while walking (obstruction of arteries/leg claudication)?



  • What are you feeding him?
  • Breast milk or formula?(Breast-feed vs. bottle-feed) What formula do you use?
  • When did he start eating solid food?
  • How many times do you feed him per day?
  • Is he sucking well?

Birth history:

  • Tell me about his/her birth history?
  • How long was your pregnancy?
  • Was the baby full-term?
  • Vaginal delivery or caesarean section?
  • Did you have any complications during your delivery or after delivery?
  • Did your child have any medical problems after birth?)

Last checkup (Development):

  • When was your child’s last physical check-up [about weight, height, and language development]? Was it normal?
  • Is your child gaining weight at a good rate?
  • Has there been any sudden gain or loss of physical growth [for DM]?


  • Are your child’s vaccinations up to date?


  • Is there any problem about your hair (hair loss, hirsutism)?
  • Is it (non-)itchy/(non-)painful?
  • Do you have facial acne?



  • Men: more than 2 drinks a day
  • Women: more than 1 drinks per day, or binges on weekend
  • Have you felt a need to Cut down on drinking?
  • Have you felt Annoyed by criticism of your drinking?
  • Have you felt Guilty about drinking?
  • Have you had a drink (an Eye opener) in the morning to steady your nerves?



  • Can you tell me where the location is?
  • Can you point out with one finger?


  • Does it move anywhere?


  • On a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst XX you’ve ever had, what’s the severity (when you are in pain)?
  • Is it the worst headache of your life?


  • What’s the quality of this pain?
  • How can you describe (dull vs.stabbing/sharp, squeezing, throbbing/pulsating)?


  • When did its chest pain start?

Precipitating factor:

  • What do you think causes this?


  • Is it constant?
  • Does it come and go? How often does it occur? How long does it last? During what time of the daydoes your pain occur?


  • Since that time until now, is it getting better or worse?
  • How has it progressed?
  • What makes it worse/better? Does it change with exercise/rest/position/food/breathing?
  • Is the belly pain related to food? When do you get the pain, before food or after food? How long does it take after eating to get the pain?




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